Monday, March 13, 2006

Honey I'm Home

Me in St. Thomas
Originally uploaded by Raven007.

So people, I finally decided to reinstate this thing after almost a year away. I was inspired by the large amount of saudi blogs that I enjoyed reading, and I felt like I wanted to make my place in that community. It was also because I wanted to get feedback on several writing pieces I've written over the years..

The photo is one I recently took on my spring break trip to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands (Heaven on Earth). I'll be talking more about our trip and the great things that happened in it, but this was just after I got my hair braided in corn rows by one of the local women.. :)

So without further adue,


-Y :)


Blogger zoooonz said...

yamen this is great. i been thinking about it for a while too and i set up an account, but it just never happened. so yaay for starting your blog ;-) it will motivate me to start mine... one day!

9:00 AM  

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