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Lazy Friday + Another piece of my writing

Bismillah Arrahman AlRaheem: In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficient The Most Merciful

Salam Dear Readers,

It's Friday, 10 am (I know why are you up so early), well I had some more paperwork to finish for my summer internship
I will send more updates as they occur.

For now, I have another piece of writing to share with you which I wrote for the same creative writing class as my first piece..


It has been ten years since Tiberius rose to power. The people of Abahania resented every breath he took and the number of those who wished him dead had grown exponentially over the last decade. Tyrannical, cheeky and very egoistic, he ridiculed almost every Abahanian that would cross his path during his weekly excursions in his kingdom. His court teeming with sycophants striving for the scraps he’d offer when he was in a good mood. It seemed as if the only person who could stand him was his Chief Minister, Marios. Marios and Tiberius went way back, to the days when they were both footmen in Richabald’s (the previous king’s) army. Richabald was a favorite among the commoners, ruling Abahania with an iron fist, favoring diplomacy to war to settle any dispute.

Tiberius grew bored of serving a timid and passive king, and eventually assassinated Richabald. Tiberius seized the throne and immediately appointed Marios as his chief minister. The troops in the army succumbed to Tiberius’s commands because they knew his venomous brutality to anyone who went against his will. With the army under his control, the people of Abahania had no choice but to accept Tiberius as their new ruler. The number of troops in the army had diminished considerably due to Tiberius’s nature of raiding the neighboring towns and villages to expand his kingdom. Tiberius was not concerned about how many men he had lost because he did not value life anyway. Instead, he would enlist scores of peasants into his army regularly to cover his deficits.

Arthus and Darwish were brothers, both stonemasons. They had inherited their father’s mill when he died. Their mother only lived a year after their father’s death, dying of grief over the loss of her husband.

The brothers had a natural talent for masonry, having gained the expertise at a young age. The inhabitants of their town, Tafir grew to love them for their good nature and their rush to assist anyone in need. Arthus was two years older than Darwish, he was tall with broad shoulders, and dark blonde hair. An avid horse rider, he had a tattoo of a mare on his left arm. Darwish was shorter than Arthus with locks of brown hair and very memorable hazel eyes. His smile was contagious, and nobody could resist not smiling back at him whenever he trekked in Tafir. Of course, that was before Tiberius attacked Tafir.

Whoever managed to survive after the attack fled to neighboring towns or into the forest. Arthus and Darwish had been away from Tafir that day, delivering some goods to Tiberius’s castle. Riding back to Tafir, they met Father Amadeus, Tafir’s priest and he told them Tafir had been ravaged. They arrived to Tafir, and couldn’t believe their eyes. Tafir, a once vibrant community had become a ghost town. The marketplace had never been emptier, the pond that was usually crowded with children was perfectly still, it seemed like even the frogs and fish had left. The brothers could not take this cruelty anymore.

“Arthus, but how are we supposed to defeat him, what can two peasants do compared to his army?” Darwish said.

“We shall train, and rally all those who wish to overthrow that bastard, many have come to hate his destruction and bloodshed.” Arthus replied.

The brothers spent the next four months gathering men who supported their cause, and started training the peasants in the confines of the forest. These commoners gained experience relatively quickly due to the flames of revenge that seared inside their bodies. Within six months they believed they had enough fighters to defeat Tiberius once and for all. Though Arthus and Darwish both desired to defeat Tiberius, their motives differed considerably and they spent numerous nights arguing.

“Arthus, I can’t believe you’d think that way, it seems like Tiberius’s filthy egoism has spread to you too, how can you be so self-centered?”

“My dear younger brother, our father was a stonemason and we are both stonemasons, have you not become bored with the primitive life we live, if we defeat Tiberius, then people will recognize us as heroes, and we shall live in glory. Think of the women, Darwish, you always mentioned how beautiful you thought the Abahanian ladies were.”

“That isn’t the point, to start I can’t believe you look down upon masonry. It’s been your niche for as long as I can remember, how dare you belittle the craft that our father spent his life teaching us and that has never failed to provide us with our bread and water. We need to fight for justice not, personal glorification. Our goal is to overthrow a dreadful tyrant and give the people the freedom they yearn for so dearly, the aftermath isn’t as important!”

“Darwish, if we succeed, the people might even elect us as rulers of the land, do you know how rich we could be, I’ve had enough of Tafir, it’s true I will not rest till I stand on Tiberius’s corpse but since the attack, I’ve realized that Tafir didn’t mean as much to me as it did to you. I shall defeat that tyrant as revenge for the destruction of our father’s mill and for people to realize my abilities as a true commander.”

“That’s surprising, you still have some humanity in you after all. Arthus, what about Father Amadeus, and Merriam and the others that were killed. They looked up to us for help and support whenever any misfortune had befallen them. Surely you wish to avenge them!”

“Brother, you have sickened me with all this affection, weaklings always look up to strong men for guidance and protection. And when we defeat Tiberius I shall grant the people their freedom. Now leave me be, I wish to rally our forces at dawn.”

As the brothers settled into their tents, Darwish was greatly alarmed and couldn’t accept the change in Arthus’s personality. He went to sleep that night and had a nightmare of infiltrating the castle and reaching Tiberius’s chamber to find Arthus there with a crown on his head, not Tiberius as he proceeded to slay him. He woke up in a cold sweat and had trouble getting back to sleep for the rest of the night.

When daybreak came, Arthus started organizing the troops and delineating the plan they were to carry out that day. Darwish interrupted Arthus and suggested they split the army in two, thus adding an element of surprise to the attack. The soldiers were thrilled with this idea, but Arthus stared at his brother in disbelief. Even YOU a weakling, Darwish, he thought. He figured he might as well grant his brother his desire, not wishing for anything to disrupt his quest for recognition.

Arthus advanced towards the Eastern gate of Abahania.

“Soldiers, we have risen and advanced from the ranks of the primitive to the level of knights. We shall no longer be looked down upon by anyone, we shall defeat the swine Tiberius and fulfill our destiny as the heroes that gave the people their freedom once more. Are you with me?”

“Yes!” the soldiers erupted like a dynamic volcano.

Darwish approached the Western Gate of Abahania and managed to enter the city with little effort. The kingdom guards recognized him and understood what he was doing and soon joined his ranks as they advanced to Tiberius’s castle.

“Ah, brethren, my knights of justice, we have gathered from towns and villages, most of which were pillaged by Tiberius’s ruthless army. We are here to avenge our dead, our towns and to lift this shroud of darkness from Abahania once and for all.”

The troops cheered and engaged in war chants as they approached the castle, thrilled for having made a difference and pleased to have had a leader who cared so much about defeating evil. Tyranny and oppression were never matters to be proud of, or so they believed.

Behind the names:

was derived from the Saudi city of Abha.

was derived from the Saudi city of Taif.

is the name of the lead character in Warcraft III

is the greek nickname of my good friend Omar

just sounded right from the Arabic name Darweesh

is the English transliteration of my last name

sounded like a tyrant, from Tiberian Sun (Red Alert)

from Richalou (from some novel I can't remember) and Archibald (random).

-YSH ;)


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