Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Poetry, Ohio Recap, Back in the town of the beanz :)

Bismillah Arrahman AlRaheem: In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficient The Most Merciful

Salam All,

I'm back in Boston from Ohio, the time is 10:01 am (Daylight savings time just kicked in).

I will talk about the conference in a separate post because there's too much to say. Alhamdulillah I think it was the most stimulating and beneficial experience I've ever had.

The people I met, the professors I discussed issues with, the speakers I learned from, the professionals that taught us the hands-on components of their jobs. It was really amazing.

This coming week is going to be brutal so pray for me :)

I also wanted to share some poetry I wrote for a writing class last summer, the poems reflect different situations I'd gone through and learned from, but looking back I feel somewhat foolish, but it is the words from the heart that carry the most meaning. I'll let you be the judge.. COMMENTS PLEASE :), I'll be waiting for your input.

Age Difference

When I first laid my eyes on you,
My heart skipped a beat
I shook, not knowing what to do
Succumbing to the heat

The smile you had upon your face
Made living life worthwhile
I lay my head low in disgrace
For falling for life's guile

At first, I thought there was no chance
For us to be together
Our souls they took a different stance
To never split up, ever

Although true soul mates we'd become
It was never meant to be
The three years later I'd been born
Cast their shadows upon me

When our time to part had come
Our hearts were in denial
Life it seemed was very dumb
The tears we shed futile

Since then I thought I'd never meet
A perfect being like you
However sad that might appear
I think it might be TRUE



You smile at me, not realizing
The damage you have done
Those pretty eyes, seem child-like
You must have thought it fun

The days and nights spent at your side
Was time wasted in vain
I even thought you’d be my bride
I must have been insane

When I look back, it’s never good
Though at the time it was
My eyes had been behind a hood
To cover all your flaws

You taught me one thing, I’ll confess
For justice must be served
I learned my mind was all a mess
And loving you absurd


Hypocrite, they claimed and shouted
Judging and blaming unjustly
Yet calling THEM saints, would be coined
The world’s most absurd fallacy

Had they understood how I ticked
Their claims untrue they’d find
I thought they were the best of friends
But found out I was blind

Though harsh and snide their comments were
They did me a huge favor
They opened up my eyes to life
And magnified my fervor


-YSH ;)


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