Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Bluez

Bismillah Arrahman AlRaheem

Good morning people,

8:09 am Boston time Sunday 19th of March 2006.

Slept early last night (was exhausted from the BU world cup). Although I didn't play, managing a team of 5aleejis isn't as easy as it looks. I think I finally understand why european coaches go crazy in the gulf.. :)

Well we fared pretty well, my team "The Gulf Falcons" beat Lebanon 10-1 in our first game, but we lost to Brazil in our second game 5-0. Our loss was due to different reasons, mainly the frigid cold weather, the goalie and two players getting injured/sick, and the fact that that was the first time playing together compared to their team that plays weekly.

Well, we learned a lot, and I learned a lot about management, and we do very well together, so we're shooting for weekly trainings and hopefully we'll raise 5aleeji heads worldwide in the next tournaments :)

Busy day today, 2 articles to finish (ONE OF THEM FOR ARAB NEWS!!). A marketing case write up that I have to finish for our team, Islamic society executive board meeting. And a shitload of reading for ALL my courses.

I attended a talk by Hamza Yusuf after his talk at Harvard on the "Burdah/Cloak" poem about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He's a very eloquent and inspiring speaker, switching between fu97a arabic and english smoothly and keeping the audience's attention with him at all times. A great guy to learn from in sha Allah.

For those of you who visit, have visited this blog, please direct more readers to it, I can only improve with feedback, and I need as much as I can get. I have several things I wish to discuss, however I need a larger audience, so help me help you..

-Y ;)


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