Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back in Beantown

Greetings to all my readers (not sure I have any yet, but I'm optimistic)..

I hope all is going well with you, I'm back in Boston for the rest of the Spring semester. I'm still very depressed for leaving St. Thomas Island, in the US Virgin Islands (the place I spent my spring break).

I'm up pretty early, it's 8 am now and my first class is at 11, but my biological clock has been off for a while and I've been waking up 6ish everyday (which is good for fajr alhamdulillah)..

This week has several interesting events, I'm running for Vice President of Financial Affairs in the School of Management Student Government and I'm hoping to win so pray for me.

In addition, Hamza Yusuf, the renowned Muslim scholar and Da3iya is coming to Harvard on Wednesday so I'm waiting to finally meet him in sha Allah.

Other than that, it's just getting used to the chilly Boston weather and getting back into the study routine.. Allah yi3een.

Anyways, comments would be appreciated to know I have some readership out there..

Picture: St. Thomas Islamic Center and Mosque.. :)

Till the next post..

-Y ;)


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