Saturday, January 27, 2007


Salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam ppl,

Yes, you can stop rubbing your eyes in disbelief, I am indeed posting a new entry on my blog..

Reasons I've been away, well, let's just say I fell into the "I only feel like blogging if I think it's worth it" mode, and I could totally see what people I've criticized for not blogging as much meant or were going through..

Since then, life has been somewhat fun, somewhat ble3333.. I may not have been posting, but have been reading a lot of blogs (a lot of new talent, or maybe not talent but people I'm somewhat addicted to reading on a pseudo-daily basis).

Another reason is due to my being a senior, and mixed feelings about moving back home vs. staying here, and entering the "real world" post-graduation this summer..

I did have something to share, a good friend of mine, who I believe is EXTREMELY talented has made a site (which I just discovered) and I thought it was worth checking out:

He's a talented writer, film director, photographer, and poet, to say the least about him, and such a great person overall ma sha Allah.

Other thoughts?

Well, I think the UmmahFilms site is noice, season 1 is complete, and season 2 has a couple of episodes out..

Also, I've been dealing with a "Prison Break" addiction and I can't wait for Monday's episode coz it's getting VERY interesting, I've watched all of Lost so far, and I still think it's my favorite (it maybe be because I watched the first 2 seasons in about 3 days :P), i'm psyched about the 2nd part of season 3 coz apparently it's much better than the first half (which was mostly crap in my opinion).

I also watched first two seasons of 24 which were interesting, and very cliffhangery very similar to the other two shows.

I'm curious what you guys think is the best out of the 3, Lost, Prison Break, 24 (please feel free to enlighten me in case there's something better than the 3 that you like as I'm always in the market for addictive tv shows).

There's also an old show called "The Pretender", which is out on DVD, I would HIGHLY recommend this, it used to air on Star Plus back in the day and some other channels. The plot may slow down some times, but I assure you you'll be wanting more as you get into it.

Good luck to munta5abna in what's left in Kas al5aleej, I haven't been watching any games, but I get the updates from the guys..

I'll end on that note, as I don't want to overdo it in my first post and be flamed with incoherence, or bloggerhea..

P.S. as Diddy would say, it's "Good to be Back"..



Blogger Mystique said...

You must watch Rome, You'll love it.. It's a MUST!

Hope all is good with you..


10:09 AM  
Blogger Omar H. Al-Madhi said...

Yaaay he's back :-)

You'll get over that feeling once you're back. You won't though while you're still in Boston.

It takes a while but you eventually get into the rhythm of things.

Good luck with that bro :-)

Can't provide much advice about the series since I don't watch much tv or at least haven't since I got to Boston.

I never liked the pretender though :P

1:25 AM  

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