Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Los Angeles Update

Bismillah Arrahman AlRaheem: In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficient The Most Merciful

Hello People,

The weather is beautiful, a nice 27 degrees Celsius.

I watched Saudi tie Tunisia today (although Saudi deserved to win), but I still have hope we can beat UKRAINE, SO WHEREVER YOU ARE PRAY FOR SAUDI, AND LET'S CHEER OUR GREEN FALCONS!

I made this Arabic guide and I thought I would share it since there are lots of useful words that would benefit anyone starting to learn Arabic.

Formal Arabic (FA) and Saudi (S) Dialects

Hello (Islamic greeting) (FA) Assalamoo Alaykum wa RaHmatoo Allaahi wa Barakatuhu

Hello (Islamic / short version) (FA) Assalamu Alaikum

Hello (in any Arabic speaking country) MarHaba

Hello (formal) Ahlan Wa Sahlan

How are you? (FA) Kayf al Hal

How are you? (Masculine) (S) Kayf Halak

How are you? (Feminine) (S) Kayf Halik

How are you doing? (Masc.) Aish aKHbarak

How are you doing? (Fem.) Aish aKHbarik

How are you doing? (Masc.) (S) Wish Oloomak

How are you doing? (Fem.) (S) Wish Oloomik

I’m fine (FA) Ana BiKHair

I’m fine (FA) (S) (Islamic) AlhamduLillah

Pleased to meet you Tasharrafna

Good morning (FA) (S) Sabah Al KHayr

Response to good morning (FA) (S) Sabah Al Noor

Good Night (FA) (S) Masa’a Al KHayr

Response to good night (FA) (S) Masa’a Al Noor

How old are you? (M) Kam Umrak

How old are you? (F) Kam Umrik

My name is (Name) (FA) Ismee (Name)

I am (Name) (FA) Ana (Name)

What is your name? (FA) (M) Ma Huwa Ismuk

What is your name? (FA) (F) Ma Huwa Ismuki

What is your name? (S) (M) Eish Ismak

What is your name? (S) (F) Eish Ismik

Yes (FA) Na’am

Yes (S) Eewa

No (FA)(S) La

Please (M) (FA) Low SamaHt

Please (F) (FA) Low SamaHtee

Please (S) Mumkin

Thank you (FA) Shukran

Thank you (S) (M) Mashkoor

Thank you (S) (F) Mashkoora

Your welcome (FA) Afwan

Come here (M) (S) Ta’al Hina

Come here (F) (S) Ta’alee Hina

I’m hungry (M) (FA) Ana Jaa’ie

I’m hungry (F) (FA) Ana Jaa’ia

I’m not hungry (M) (FA) Ana Lastu Jaa’ian

I’m not hungry (F) (FA) Ana Lastu Jaa’iatan

I’m hungry (M) (S) Ana Jooa’an

I’m hungry (F) (S) Ana Jooa’aanah

I’m not hungry (M) (S) Ana Moob Jooa’an

I’m not hungry (F) (S) Ana Moob Jooa’anah

Where is the restroom? Wein AlHammam?

How can I get to the restroom? Kayf arooh lil Hammam?

Bye Ma’a Assalaamah

Come on Yallah


Good (FA) Jayyid

Bad (FA) Sayyi’a

Good (S) Kwayyis

Bad (S) KHayis



Blogger SunShine said...

LOL i love the guide! So when we watch the movie, we will know who was behind getting those actors to speak in Arabic! I'd looove to see jamie foxx say: Eeeewa ya wad :P

You're right Saudi deserved to win! I have a Ukranian girl in my class. Needless to say, things are going to heat up very soon, especially, when i told her to her face that we're going to kick their a**!

10:11 AM  
Blogger Raven said...

Lool, the Ana Jooaan stuff was because that was the first thing Jamie wanted to know.. :P

I'm making him a thobe soon, so I'm going to have some interesting pictures to show :P

I can't wait to beat Ukraine, we have this guy that knows nothing about soccer acting all smart, and i really want to win just to shut him up..

Just make sure EVERYONE, that in EVERY SOJOOD YOU MAKE, you pray for the green falcons..!

I'm serious, we need all the help we can get.. in sha Allah

GO SAUDI!!!!!!!!!!


10:52 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...


5:29 PM  

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