Sunday, June 11, 2006

West Coast Update! :)

Bismillah Arrahman AlRaheem: In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficient The Most Merciful

Salam All My PPL!

I hope you guys are enjoying this summer as much as I am..

I'm currently in Mesa Arizona, watching the Mexico vs. Iran world cup match (Mexico just scored and Iran tied!). Arizona is so much like Riyadh it's crazy.

Wide roads that extend to infinity, DECENT drivers (compared to Boston), and incredible heat (41 degrees Celsius today = 106 degrees fahrenheit).

I had my first physical day of work on Friday and I LOVED IT, it was so much fun and I barely have to exert any effort. The people here are great and they all come from lots of different places all with different experience (X-Men, SpiderMan, Edward Scissorhands, Men in Black etc.)

Arizona is a lot of fun, I met one of my former Aramco classmates that I haven't seen for 3 years and he's been showing me around.

West coast people are very much laid back, and you can actually see some Native Americans here, not like Bostonia.

There are also lots of places that open till late at night (2 am) (hookah bars etc.) compared to only night clubs in Boston.

I met one of my Qatari friends yesterday at this place called "Urban Cafe", the owner is a Palestinain who grew up in Qatar and I enjoyed my time there.

I went to this other place in the afternoon I think it was called Rural Cafe, and it's situated on a lake with a great view. The clerk working there was from WORCESTER (east coast boys). And his accent slowly came out when he realized I was from Boston.. His name was Nathan, but people call him Musa = Moses (a name given to him by his boss because he is strong and honest!). He also spoke some random Arabic so it was good fun.

I am planning to see a therapist soon to deal with my "IN N OUT" addiction :P

Phoenix also reminds me a lot of Shargiyya, and I got several flashbacks from the fun Aramco Nites where we'd drive forever then meet up with the guys to just chill it and play some serious BALOOOOOT.

Anyways, I fly to LA tomorrow, and will be back in Arizona in a few days.

From the West Coast,

This is Raven ;)

Over and out.

-YSH ;)


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