Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Steve Jobs' very first keynote speech (1984) - A LEGEND!

Bismillah Arrahman AlRaheem: In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficient The Most Merciful

I know there are many MAC freakz out there like me, and I had to share this...

This is Steve Jobs' first keynote speech when he launched the very first MAC in 1984, he looks like a hollywood actor in this movie.. :)


Monday, August 21, 2006

Ban on Saudi Men Driving in the EU?

Bismillah Arrahman AlRaheem: In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficient The Most Merciful

This European MP (member of Parliament) is starting a campaign to prevent Saudi men from driving in the EU. Would you take his stand and try to help Saudi women to start driving, or do you think he's out of his mind?


Call for driving ban on Saudi men

Friday, 31st March 2006

In a remarkable move today, four MEPs, including East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer and Anna Zaborska, Chairman of the European Parliament's influential Women's Committee, have launched a campaign to ban Saudi Arabian men from driving in all EU countries.

They have done so to highlight the continuing ban on Saudi women driving in their own country, which the MEPs claim is a blatant example of discrimination, an attack on women's rights, and totally at odds with civilised values. They argue that a move to ban male Saudi nationals from driving in the EU would help the Saudi authorities to understand the very strong condemnation evoked in Europe by the Saudi ban on women drivers.

The MEPs have sponsored a "Written Declaration" in the European parliament in Brussels, a motion which is available for all MEPs to sign, and which becomes a formal resolution of the parliament if at least half of all MEPs (316) sign up to it.

The sponsors of the Declaration are Anna Zaborska (Christian Democrat, Slovakia), Roger Helmer (Conservative, East Midlands); Ashley Mote (Independent, South East); and Jim Allister (Democratic Unionist, Northern Ireland).

Speaking at the launch of the declaration, Mr Helmer said

"The nationals of authoritarian countries assume that they can come to the West and enjoy our freedoms, while maintaining discrimination and denying basic human rights at home. This initiative should help to convince them that freedom is a two-way street and that their own people are also entitled to basic human rights".

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lebanese tears

Leb in tears
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I found this long ago and I've had it on one of my profiles for a while, I got lots of comments on it, so I thought I'd share it with all of you..


Motivate Yourself!!

Bismillah Arrahman AlRaheem: In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficient The Most Merciful

I found this as I was browsing through some blogs.. I think it's pretty amusing and could actually be useful :)



3- THEN, go to: (replace yourname with your name).



Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lazing around

Bismillah Arrahman AlRaheem: In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficient The Most Merciful

Greetings everyone,

10:36 am in Bostonia, weather is nice and temperature is 23 degrees Celsius (yes I insist on the metric system whenever I can even though I've been here for 3 years).

There's a high possibility I'm going to the Museum of Science today (finally), meeting up with my good friend Abu Tarab and his younger brother.

I was recently tagged by the lovely MYSTIQUE (, so I have to answer a series of questions..

Well, here goes:

1) if you could have dinner with any three people (except Mohammed, Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi) then who would they be?(don't say Mother Teresa either)
1- Steve Jobs
2- Ernesto "Che" Guevara
3- Lord Belfour (and I won't tell you what I'm going to do to him after dinner)

1a) what would you eat?
Italian, Indian or Seafood

1b) what restaurant would it be?
Probably something with a view of the Sea/Ocean

2) if you could force everyone in the world to read one book (except for the Quran or the Bible) what would it be?
The books I intend to write in the future, the Harry Potter Series, Blink

3) is there a tv show you'd cancel dinner with your best friend for if you knew that a new episode was going to be airing once only? what is it?
Lots of TV shows that I've watched have had that effect on me, however if there was a way to tape it and watch it later I would do that. Otherwise, I'd invite me friend to watch it and eat with me as we watch it :) (Yes, I want the best of both worlds)

4) if someone told you that you could only have one hobby/favorite pass time for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

5) which song is on the soundtrack of your life?
Many, most lately: "Just Be, DJ Tiesto", "Red to Black, Fort Minor feat. KENNA", "Unwell, Matchbox 20"

6) how old were you when you had your first crush? who was it?
I think I was in third grade, it was my best friend's sister (one of our neighbors) :)

7) if you could read the thoughts of any one person, who would it be?
Typically it would be a spouse/lover type of person, but I wouldn't because if I loved them that much, I would respect their telling me and hiding from me what they want etc. Thus, I would like to read the thoughts of the people wreaking havoc in the world today (not to point any fingers).

8) if you could block your thoughts from only one person, who would it be?
Anyone I love, sometimes the things I think about wouldn't portray me in a positive light to them.

9) if you could choose between life on earth forever or going to heaven, which would you choose?
Is there anything better than heaven? I'd say Heaven because I could choose not to have stupid people cause so much death.

10) when you die, what will your contribution to the world be?
My writing, My business ideas (if they go through In Sha Allah), my actions...

And I choose to tag:

Sunshine, Omar, and anyone else that reads this pretty much :)


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

De Bostoniensis..

Bismillah Arrahman AlRaheem: In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficient The Most Merciful


Though I had several options to go travel for the last few weeks before school, I believe I'm going to stay in the Northeast.. There is still a lot I haven't done in Boston, and looking at the fact that I graduate next year this is the time to catch up on that stuff..

So much I want to write about, yet procrastination seems to take over every time I do it.. it will happen soon though.. or at least I hope.

Also a ton of books to read so that is one of the things I plan to achieve with the time I have left.

My back pain is better, but (due to travel) there is some sharp pain sometimes, can't wait till my next physical therapy session.

Laziness is a drug I hope I can get off.. :)

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